Uneducated Brutes

An interesting characteristic of the illiterate is that they are thick-skinned both in the lower part of the body and topmost one. The thick skin covering the torso and the limbs further aggravates their feral mindset because very less knowledge is registered in their brain because of this.

These dimwits do not allow anything to penetrate these minds of theirs- literally an impregnable fortress. If anything is not at par with their mental abilities or crosses their registration threshold, it is nonchalantly disposed and can even be met with brute force. Brute force is the norm because these illiterates believe in delivering a sound thrashing to the offenders without apprehending them to law enforcers.

These less gregarious people make the speaker an object of disdain. It can get worse if the former has fallen victim to a wretched vixen’s slander as the issue can blow out of proportion and can even be brought down to fisticuffs. Clueless about their pitiable state, they get besotted and trapped in the quagmire of an endless blame game yielding no results.

Hope these uneducated people exercise sobriety rather than jumping to conclusions regarding the vicious world that we as a people are privy to. They should first perambulate and then infer.


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