Lessons from Traditional Folklore

What the spiritual world calls heathen and pagan does constitute a rich knowledge handed down through generations. This traditional folklore is built purely by instincts and experimentation with various forms of divination that necessarily need not be natural. Nonetheless, one should commend the keen observation and wisdom imparted or handed down by their forefathers.

One of the rather commendable observation is that people when starting a devotion to a deity have to be completely aware about a certain rule. The rule says that the deity has to be fully appeased and not be mocked by simultaneously carrying out a devotion to its peers. Their observation is that if this rule is not followed, they are sure to incur the wrath of the mocked deity.

This is rather analogous to the model followed in the Bible wherein a jealous God is ever wanting to rain hailstones and burning coal on trespassing subjects. This horrifying end to the lives of ravenous people who have a hardened heart towards his voice is justified. This jealous nature of God is annulled by himself to be portrayed in the conjugal union of his people. He has done this so that his creations can get a feel of his predicament.


Wants and Needs

A keen look at the world today can give you a never-ending list of problems. A lot of these can be solved just by wise counsel and guidance. People take decisions without being informed. These decisions- if at all taken by them- should be led by intuition or a divine guidance. Ignoring these at the crossroads can lead a person to a dead end or a secluded alley that has all the possible dangers lurking behind every corner.

Being faced by this dilemma, many people resort to their own thinking and bear the brunt of being privy to wrong decisions. All these decisions can be categorized by wants and needs. Every person in the world wants everything that is pleasing to the eye. Wants make people to get everything, but everything is not good. These wants can lead a person to disastrous consequences.

The best way to arrive at a decision is to take cognizance of the consequences waiting and focus on the needs. These needs limit the disasters as a result of wrong decisions and people focusing on them are content with their life. As the whole world is governed by a supernatural force called God, it is wise to please him and concentrate on the needs.

Being besotted with the wants and desires can lead you astray and is tantamount to mocking him. He detests loathing and all that is unnatural- or against his will. A pawn can’t rebel against his king- the consequences can be disastrous. Surely, he is built and employed to serve.

Parenting Sans the Essence

The world is rife with individuals that have seasoned their character by being with villainous and shady individuals. These latter type of individuals have these former ones trained right from the onset of puberty to have a bite of their supposedly ‘sumptuous’ way of living. The subjects’ parents or in this case, a single parent did everything a lone mother could do to fill in the deep void created in her offspring’s life by him being bereft of fatherly love.

But in the race to fill in the void, she faltered in the basic and foremost purpose of parenting- keeping a tab on the child’s company and development into a fine individual. In due course of time, these innocuous instincts in the boy took the form of a towering beastly fetish. These, if were nipped in the bud would have shrunk themselves into miniscule amounts of fantasies.

Once these fantasies and desires take the form of basest fetishes and demeaning behavior, it is next to impossible to bring the wayward person back to square one. The wasted years in the toothless parenting has made the wayward child of the parent a spectacle of sorts among people who leave no stone unturned to taunt and deride him. This wayward child is surely an object of disdain.

Money-minting Professionals

It is sad to witness the sordid state of affairs in certain businesses like the media, where the ‘professionals’ in question have given up on the morals and code of ethics. Just a glance at a random assortment of television channels doing the rounds can reveal a lot about this base culture of profiteering. People of this profession have become the subjects of loose morals and you can always bank upon them to come up with interesting stories about their victims.

They can go to any length so as to mint money. Such is the situation that they do not even spare the many authorities who have been of use to these professionals’ country. People who have rendered a lot of services to their fellow countrymen in the armed forces have recently become the objects of their hypocritical remarks. All they do is elicit responses for the sake of raking huge profits for their businesses in the televised medium.

These people have taken all the sacrifices of these valiant individuals for granted and they do nothing to honor them. All they do is mumble a few words for the martyr and lay a wreath on them. Such cold response to an individual with morals is uncalled for. Instead of directing a few insipid questions at the integrity of these brave people, what they have to do is introspect themselves first. Money is not an important thing in life, but I bet integrity is!

I abhor such loathing for money. People should have some morals. What follows people lacking these in their life is utter disgrace among their fellowmen- constantly greeted with unwelcoming words. It’s no wonder even if the latter spit right in their faces. They sure are worthy of spittle!

Is God Indifferent?

There is a popular notion among iconoclasts and people derisive towards everything divine that God watches everything from up above the firmament sadistically doing nothing. The real thing is that all these people have rejected His overtures towards them and only remember Him whenever convenient. If this is not true, then why are their faces wrought large with revulsion whenever a Godly person or anyone preaches a good thing. They only want to revel in the filth.

Here is a reason why God is tolerant towards the evil people and does not do anything to abruptly end their life. When God created the earth and all that it contains, he took a reprieve from this hard work and embarked on a journey. Taking a hold of this opportunity, the evil one planted a lot of weeds or the evil seed among His people on the earth. Now, every gardener knows that if you pull the weeds out all the corn too will be plucked out inadvertently.

So God decided that he will take care of the sifting only when the harvest is due. This being said, he will winnow the chaff and put the good seed in his barn, pluck the weeds and burn it. This phase that we are living in is the time when the weeds are growing. He is patient with these weeds and when the harvest season comes he will do away with them. Such a longsuffering God can always be banked upon to take the right decisions.

The Slanderers I Know

Not long ago, I had a harrowing time with the city’s denigrated slanderers. These slanderers want to have a go at your reputation because they are aware that it is blemish-free. They themselves being subjected to slander, it is of no use reasoning with them. But the most important thing about it is that the person will never be at peace.

You can find him always irritable and annoyed. Also, if people ask him the reason he snubbed them, there can be a flurry of emotions- especially rage and a truck load of silly reasons that drive you to believe him being an airhead. Once close with their slanderer elder, they part ways with them later in phases owing to his sacrilegious nature. Truly, people need to walk a mile in others shoes before accusing them. A feel of the accused person’s predicament can do wonders. Once bitten, twice shy.

The best way to tackle them is to have a stranglehold at the flow of information about you to them. The information being scarce, they follow you to sniff out gossip so that they may vilify you among their victims. So, you should let it trickle down and make sure the gossip is untrue. Then wait till the information reaches their victim. Later, prove them false right in their faces. I experimented with this by attending their victim’s marriage. Needless to say, I attended the ceremony and this caused a great rift between the slanderer and the victim. Have a go at it once!

The Intrusive Folk

People who have lived in abject poverty in the recent past cannot give up their practices. This is so as all their life is rooted deep into the shanty culture. They find themselves helpless at the prospects of changing their attitude. Though a lot of restraining and careful introspection seems to be the key in reaching a resolution, it is rarely met and brought to fruition.

As they are accustomed to a paltry remuneration and meager means of living, a small favor meted out to their acquaintances seems to them as one done when the person is in dire need. As they keep ranting about the immaterial ‘gratitude’ that the acquaintances lack and should be supposedly indebted to them, they leave no stone unturned in being intrusive to the life of these.

While the shanty culture is deeply rooted in them, others mistake this for their feet of clay in monetary terms. Though these people are financially sound and quite well-off their antics signal a different story. This shanty culture has a few vulnerabilities and the trick is to besot them with a new non-returnable favor. This surely should settle the matter.