A Hindering Palisade

It is funny to witness how uncertainty looms large over every aspect of life. Our surroundings are replete with a variety of victims of this palisade. A lot of careers have been set in retrograde motion because they lack the character to keep them full throttle. People can’t even arrive at an informed decision regarding their choices and are bound to heavily rely on soothsayers and other media because of this uncertainty.

You never know if a hatchling can make its way into adulthood; people who are accustomed to lavishing money on luxury are going to stay buoyant in unforgiving times or the very next moment; a person who leaves his doorstep for a stroll nearby is ever going to return; destitutes and vandals loitering in the streets are ever going to stay thus; people traveling to reach far destinations are ever going to reach home in one piece.

While the decisions people arrive at because of this uncertainty aspect are bound to fetch misgivings, this hindrance itself has become an adventure for the gullible lot. This was largely noticed in the people joining doomsday cults, who made this aspect of life an excuse to revel in debauchery and perversion. But doomsday was never to come. If any person was doomed to perdition, he would set his house in order. In this case it was a contrasting reaction.

Uncertainty is all the more prevalent in life. There is no escaping it. Learn to live with it. Be prepared for trouble always.


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