Naughty Airheads

There is a very thin line separating naughtiness from perversion, so much so that both are used to depict each others behavior rather vaguely amid confusion regarding their usage. This is very common among people doomed to perdition. Naughty up to a certain level is acceptable, but if people probe its extremities they can be caught up a bait and end up straight into the frying pan.

The behavior of the children can be termed as naughty because moderation in a lot of things is not harmful. It is the key to a successful and safe living. As a child grows into adulthood, his discerning capabilities grow through the roof and this makes him accountable for his actions. He has undergone a sea change in his behavior and the wisdom he has become privy to now, pricks his conscience as to the things he should abstain from.

Naughtiness in adulthood is a lame excuse to indulge in perversion and thus rebellion against your blemishless maker. The people can earn his wrath through unseen ways and situations in which they can flounder like in a truck load of quick sand. Once they get caught in this, the more they flounder the more chances are of them reaching the bottom of the pit. They should exercise caution.


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