Businessmen in a Quandary

People involved in large ‘businesses’ can be at their wit’s end trying to gauge the inhibitions regarding the margin of profit they can accumulate from their perspective. While they expect themselves to loathe for money in order to afford a lavish lifestyle, such people are constantly reminded of the repercussions involved in not adhering to moderation regarding these profit margins.

Though this fact pricks their conscience, they can do nothing to come out clear. This maze of guilt can drive them to any length in the quest for purging themselves from this sin. One can watch them publicly admitting their faults. This dark side of their nature along with the bondages resulting from the misdemeanor can be of varied proportions. This can apply to even the small-time businessmen who procure by rather illegal means that satiates their puny appetite.

And to obliterate these shady transactions they cloak themselves in the garb of a benevolent individual on rather auspicious occasions. One can see them giving away things to the poor and the needy in umpteen ways. One such popular evasive tactic to mislead the maker is appeasing him by donating large sums of money to charitable trusts. How can they escape his all-pervading eye? There is no way out. Change should come from within.


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