Funny Perspective

Hilarity couldn’t get better than this. A thing which appears to one as a great leap forward can sound damn backward to others. A person who is leaving no stone unturned to explore the mystical side of life and does all it takes to inspire people to open their heart for the choicest of savourable virtues can appear to wretched and slanderous people who are privy to all the mischiefs in the world as a ‘poor chap’.

So much so that people come to see his ‘pathetic’ state in hordes often to see him as an example of what not to do in life. According to them shunning all the fleeting pleasures of life is tantamount to forfeiting a highly valued and priced treasure chest of ‘high society’.

These statuses that he has shunned are actually ephemeral and the glory, an entrapment. His quest for the truth has landed him in a fellowship with God. Being loyal can fetch him a place in his courts and being ensconced in such places makes sure that he is safe from treachery and corruption.

These individuals with a skewed mindset surely need to get a life.


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