History repeats…

History repeats itself

This thought is a much confusing one and has remained elusive for me to assimilate for a long time. Only intellectuals are privy to such thoughts. I was of the notion that history through the years never remained the same- all of it was  dissimilar and not any of the dates matched.

After this period of ignorance, I was enlightened of the fact that this point was directed to the striking similarities among various events in prominent people’s lives. All their lives are recorded in biographies and autobiographies. These records inspired this thought. It is funny to witness that many of the mysteries are locked away from less endowed individuals.

For example, the life of many saints was the same: a long bout of psychological illness, people babying them, attending university at the age of 29 and much more. St. Therese of Lisieux was recorded to have the first two aspects in her life; St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius Loyola attended university at this age. Though much of their life is hidden from plain view.


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