Misconceptions Regarding Mystics

There are many wrong notions regarding people who radiate an aura of godliness. A lot of these are innate among people who are bolstered deep into their ignorant minds. This is often wrapped in a semblance of secrecy as these commoners presume. They ignore certain vital details in the former’s life that can unravel a lot about them.

One of the popular misconception is that these pious individuals are privy to a lot of sufferings and perils. While this may be true, it should not be ignored that they are bent upon living their life the ideal way disregarding the ephemeral happiness a commoner’s life has to offer. Fellowship with their maker helps them to alleviate their suffering that may have qualified to be a yoke if the divinity was forfeited.

Another notion is that these people live a life of abject poverty and are in a pitiable state. While shunning all the pleasures of life is their choice, living a poverty-stricken life does not come with mysticism. These people are subjected to a downpour of blessing from their master and do not lack any good thing in their blemish-free life. If people whine about the sufferings, who is to talk about ethereal experiences in their life?

Yoke is for the bullocks and not for the lambs. Being bovine has its own share of sufferings that these are ignorant of. Well, it takes one to know one!!


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