The Less-sagacious Youth

People take undue interest in the youthful and ephemeral side of life. According to popular opinion, life is beautiful during youth. Contrary to this, youth is a stage of life when people are at crossroads. So instead of reveling in this vain attempt to have a go at everything during this stage, it is better advised to seek counsel from the wise.

These zealous people in their youth had in all likelihood trampled these pearls of wisdom from the wise like the nonchalant pigs do when approached. Such belligerence towards the wisdom of yore can invite nothing but trouble that often follows ignorance. These troubles are actually grenades wrapped in a bundle of joy.

It is funny to watch how these people in their later stages of youth made a half-hearted attempt to rummage through the filth that they themselves created for these pearls. They never succeeded and made themselves covered with stinking filth all the more. But this glorious escapade into the stinking filth has been forever etched into their memory and they conjure up with these vivid memories often.

Pigs are never fed up of the filth. Here’s a big grunt for them to keep up the spirits!!


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