Nobility in Tatters

It is heart-rending to watch the many professions that exuded nobility being in transition from this hallowed virtue to a mere base culture of profiteering. The individuals endowed with these skills from the source of every good thing- God- have turned a blind eye towards people’s needs and those of the community, collectively speaking. A great cleansing of these professions need to be carried out to restore faith in people’s minds.

The nursing profession that was a very noble one is now rife with individuals who discharge their duties with disgust wrought large on their faces. This can be seen especially when the ‘nurses’ are attending to the patients’ personal needs. This noble job was instituted and has its roots deep in history, traceable to luminaries such as Florence Nightingale. She was a woman full of grace and poise, often composed when nursing patients.

Even the noble profession of teaching has lost its sheen and people involved in it have made a mockery of it. These teachers have failed to set a moral code through their way of life and mannerisms leaving a gaping hole in the holistic development of the pupil delegated to them. Teachers in this era have become an embodiment of jealousy and treachery that is often witnessed in the savage or materialistic world endemic only to the corporate sector.

Hollow virtues, base desires, damnable instincts and ostentatious people. What has the world come down to?


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