The Intrusive Folk

People who have lived in abject poverty in the recent past cannot give up their practices. This is so as all their life is rooted deep into the shanty culture. They find themselves helpless at the prospects of changing their attitude. Though a lot of restraining and careful introspection seems to be the key in reaching a resolution, it is rarely met and brought to fruition.

As they are accustomed to a paltry remuneration and meager means of living, a small favor meted out to their acquaintances seems to them as one done when the person is in dire need. As they keep ranting about the immaterial ‘gratitude’ that the acquaintances lack and should be supposedly indebted to them, they leave no stone unturned in being intrusive to the life of these.

While the shanty culture is deeply rooted in them, others mistake this for their feet of clay in monetary terms. Though these people are financially sound and quite well-off their antics signal a different story. This shanty culture has a few vulnerabilities and the trick is to besot them with a new non-returnable favor. This surely should settle the matter.


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