The Slanderers I Know

Not long ago, I had a harrowing time with the city’s denigrated slanderers. These slanderers want to have a go at your reputation because they are aware that it is blemish-free. They themselves being subjected to slander, it is of no use reasoning with them. But the most important thing about it is that the person will never be at peace.

You can find him always irritable and annoyed. Also, if people ask him the reason he snubbed them, there can be a flurry of emotions- especially rage and a truck load of silly reasons that drive you to believe him being an airhead. Once close with their slanderer elder, they part ways with them later in phases owing to his sacrilegious nature. Truly, people need to walk a mile in others shoes before accusing them. A feel of the accused person’s predicament can do wonders. Once bitten, twice shy.

The best way to tackle them is to have a stranglehold at the flow of information about you to them. The information being scarce, they follow you to sniff out gossip so that they may vilify you among their victims. So, you should let it trickle down and make sure the gossip is untrue. Then wait till the information reaches their victim. Later, prove them false right in their faces. I experimented with this by attending their victim’s marriage. Needless to say, I attended the ceremony and this caused a great rift between the slanderer and the victim. Have a go at it once!


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