Is God Indifferent?

There is a popular notion among iconoclasts and people derisive towards everything divine that God watches everything from up above the firmament sadistically doing nothing. The real thing is that all these people have rejected His overtures towards them and only remember Him whenever convenient. If this is not true, then why are their faces wrought large with revulsion whenever a Godly person or anyone preaches a good thing. They only want to revel in the filth.

Here is a reason why God is tolerant towards the evil people and does not do anything to abruptly end their life. When God created the earth and all that it contains, he took a reprieve from this hard work and embarked on a journey. Taking a hold of this opportunity, the evil one planted a lot of weeds or the evil seed among His people on the earth. Now, every gardener knows that if you pull the weeds out all the corn too will be plucked out inadvertently.

So God decided that he will take care of the sifting only when the harvest is due. This being said, he will winnow the chaff and put the good seed in his barn, pluck the weeds and burn it. This phase that we are living in is the time when the weeds are growing. He is patient with these weeds and when the harvest season comes he will do away with them. Such a longsuffering God can always be banked upon to take the right decisions.


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