Money-minting Professionals

It is sad to witness the sordid state of affairs in certain businesses like the media, where the ‘professionals’ in question have given up on the morals and code of ethics. Just a glance at a random assortment of television channels doing the rounds can reveal a lot about this base culture of profiteering. People of this profession have become the subjects of loose morals and you can always bank upon them to come up with interesting stories about their victims.

They can go to any length so as to mint money. Such is the situation that they do not even spare the many authorities who have been of use to these professionals’ country. People who have rendered a lot of services to their fellow countrymen in the armed forces have recently become the objects of their hypocritical remarks. All they do is elicit responses for the sake of raking huge profits for their businesses in the televised medium.

These people have taken all the sacrifices of these valiant individuals for granted and they do nothing to honor them. All they do is mumble a few words for the martyr and lay a wreath on them. Such cold response to an individual with morals is uncalled for. Instead of directing a few insipid questions at the integrity of these brave people, what they have to do is introspect themselves first. Money is not an important thing in life, but I bet integrity is!

I abhor such loathing for money. People should have some morals. What follows people lacking these in their life is utter disgrace among their fellowmen- constantly greeted with unwelcoming words. It’s no wonder even if the latter spit right in their faces. They sure are worthy of spittle!


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