Parenting Sans the Essence

The world is rife with individuals that have seasoned their character by being with villainous and shady individuals. These latter type of individuals have these former ones trained right from the onset of puberty to have a bite of their supposedly ‘sumptuous’ way of living. The subjects’ parents or in this case, a single parent did everything a lone mother could do to fill in the deep void created in her offspring’s life by him being bereft of fatherly love.

But in the race to fill in the void, she faltered in the basic and foremost purpose of parenting- keeping a tab on the child’s company and development into a fine individual. In due course of time, these innocuous instincts in the boy took the form of a towering beastly fetish. These, if were nipped in the bud would have shrunk themselves into miniscule amounts of fantasies.

Once these fantasies and desires take the form of basest fetishes and demeaning behavior, it is next to impossible to bring the wayward person back to square one. The wasted years in the toothless parenting has made the wayward child of the parent a spectacle of sorts among people who leave no stone unturned to taunt and deride him. This wayward child is surely an object of disdain.


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