Wants and Needs

A keen look at the world today can give you a never-ending list of problems. A lot of these can be solved just by wise counsel and guidance. People take decisions without being informed. These decisions- if at all taken by them- should be led by intuition or a divine guidance. Ignoring these at the crossroads can lead a person to a dead end or a secluded alley that has all the possible dangers lurking behind every corner.

Being faced by this dilemma, many people resort to their own thinking and bear the brunt of being privy to wrong decisions. All these decisions can be categorized by wants and needs. Every person in the world wants everything that is pleasing to the eye. Wants make people to get everything, but everything is not good. These wants can lead a person to disastrous consequences.

The best way to arrive at a decision is to take cognizance of the consequences waiting and focus on the needs. These needs limit the disasters as a result of wrong decisions and people focusing on them are content with their life. As the whole world is governed by a supernatural force called God, it is wise to please him and concentrate on the needs.

Being besotted with the wants and desires can lead you astray and is tantamount to mocking him. He detests loathing and all that is unnatural- or against his will. A pawn can’t rebel against his king- the consequences can be disastrous. Surely, he is built and employed to serve.


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