Lessons from Traditional Folklore

What the spiritual world calls heathen and pagan does constitute a rich knowledge handed down through generations. This traditional folklore is built purely by instincts and experimentation with various forms of divination that necessarily need not be natural. Nonetheless, one should commend the keen observation and wisdom imparted or handed down by their forefathers.

One of the rather commendable observation is that people when starting a devotion to a deity have to be completely aware about a certain rule. The rule says that the deity has to be fully appeased and not be mocked by simultaneously carrying out a devotion to its peers. Their observation is that if this rule is not followed, they are sure to incur the wrath of the mocked deity.

This is rather analogous to the model followed in the Bible wherein a jealous God is ever wanting to rain hailstones and burning coal on trespassing subjects. This horrifying end to the lives of ravenous people who have a hardened heart towards his voice is justified. This jealous nature of God is annulled by himself to be portrayed in the conjugal union of his people. He has done this so that his creations can get a feel of his predicament.


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