Secular Faux Pas

There is a lot of hullabaloo over the commoners’ idols that are found all over the televised and print media. A peek into these idols’ life can reveal a lot of skeletons that are clandestinely dumped into the closet. These skeletons and other trash are provocatively labeled ‘personal’, so as to avoid being noticed and brought to the fore. This personal luggage can carry a lot of filth, often not worth discovering: sensational love escapades; being privy to nexuses; debaucheries, drunken orgies to make life happening and all related vices.

When the above topic is inquisitively brought about, the celeb can become proud of these achievements of his. The interlocution can reach new heights of stupidity, such that the whole audience who are able to relate to it can be filled with awe for these accomplishments. These accomplishments can be in the form of the number of people involved in the orgies; inadvertently mowing down laborers dozing on the roadside at unearthly hours as a result of his drunken revelry; threatening people with dire consequences by being lovelorn. These are a few milestones reached by the phenom.

After being at the mercies of advancing age, he may come to terms with his urge to get embroiled in controversies. But old habits die hard and his followers are surely able to pick up the trend of unruliness and rebellion. All it takes is just a whiff of air to carry the stink to a prospective newbie. And thus a new pervert is spawned. This tirade against celebs can go on and on, provided they bawl out a cry to their followers for belting out new controversies and related imbroglios. I wish they keep it going! 



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