Modern-day Absaloms

I am bewildered by the absurdity at which a recent reality show is probing the extremities of life or more precisely, life after death. This unavoidable reality of a human life has not been spared too and has been made a mockery of. In ‘reality’, people should be fearing these extremities at every step of their life and this aspect of life should deter them from trying anything carnal or worldly. Anything that can be incriminating enough should surely be expected to spell doom to them. But here is a different story, people enjoy this aspect and revel in it.

These contestants hanging mid-air between heaven and hell expose the somewhat fragile nature of the show wherein the stark reality is not the enacted reality. This can surely cost the producers dear in terms of profiteering or garnering TRPs. But it is a long shot from materializing as these shows enjoy a cult status. Needless to say, people are glued to their television sets watching the ‘unreal’ story unfold. Only the most favored outcome is expected to come to pass.

Another important aspect of these shows is that the contestants and those involved in the show mutter here and there a few words, the meanings of which they are not expected to fathom or comprehend. This unimaginable prowess they exhibit is, to me, an exceptional piece of script writing. Otherwise, there are no chances that an ordinary man can belt out such a range of fancy words. This is because these words can put even a mediocre writer and his profession to shame. Oh my gosh! Writers are everywhere. Do you admit this?  


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