Sublimity in the Lexicon: Is it Needed?

Even if a person has an impeccable understanding of the world around him, he lacks creditworthiness if approached with questions or solutions. A tiny mistake- typographical or in the grammar and punctuation can leave the audience he caters to in an entrapment of skepticism. These doubting Thomases can indulge in a war of words or an attack on your credibility as an educated person. This affinity of people towards skepticism is deeply rooted in the routine of life that they are accustomed to.

One of the reasons that they do not take a stranger seriously is that they have not still met a person whose intellect can leave them spellbound and mesmerized. Also, the threshold of knowledge they have set up for people of a particular race, complexion, age group and the like. This is all the product of prejudice and surely, it is the very thing that facilitates people in forming opinions. This prejudice is used indiscriminately to typecast people of different nationalities and races into a society’s stereotype.

Ethnicity should not curtail people’s ambitions, though. God showers his blessings on the people without having a regard for these. There is no one in the world who can prove that people of a certain community do not merit a fancy and lavish life, replete with luxury. This lends weight to the fact that a person should be very persuasive and presentable in his commentary or conversation. I mean, look around you. Is there not a sign of this custom?

A judge in his verdict uses all the fancy words he can lay his hands on. What stops him from being modest in his language? Even a secretary who writes a minister’s speech does not shy away from doing so. Thus, a bit of complexity in the day-to-day language is needed to impress an audience. This, is true even in the writing field- one needs to impress his audience with loads of fancy words. After all, this gibberish is the very thing that can land him with a prospective client. And this client can be anyone who is his reading audience. So, belt away all the fancy words that come to your mind, provided they are presentable.


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