Anorexic Intellectuals?

There is a common assumption among the less-endowed people that their acquaintances who exude brilliance in a profession are malnourished, sleep-deprived, etc., all for the sake of being competent. This is not the case as I have encountered such people and they are not a wee bit of what these misinformed people expect them to be. These qualities are believed to be present in them by strugglers who find it hard to catch up with them. This is because they lack the sheer competency at various levels that is found in these blessed people.

It should be noted that these minnows have a feel of these very qualities they find in their comparatively endowed counterparts: while wanting to swerve around them they try being sleep-deprived in a ‘burning the midnight oil’ type of fashion and never succeed to go past them; they try being always at it and skip a lot of meals or other nourishment giving them a feel of being anorexic. The qualities people lack in them and find hard to have their hands on are the very same ones they admire in their idolized fellowmen.

As you can see a lot of people who are at the highest echelons of society are admirable and their charisma should not be mistaken to be the result of an endless conflict with their bodies. In fact, this scurrilous remark often encountered while being with envious people or rather misinformed ones tries to take away the beautiful lives these sublime and intellectually superior people are privy to. Portraying a wise individual with dark circles around their eyes sounds rather deranged to me. Their noteworthy intellectual abilities are surely bestowed on them to be admired and not to be downgraded with maligning insults and untrue remarks.


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