Knighthood and Hoodlums

It’s very typical in my region to lavish undeserving flattery on the various sections of people in the lower rung of society. These praises are in favor of these people belonging to a lower cadre and can seem to anyone who visits these places for the first time very amusing. I’m stressing the word ‘undeserving’ because the very nature of the praise or salutation is so- the salutation used for them is ‘Sir’. Usually this salutation is for those who have been conferred knighthood by an aristocrat.

The indiscriminate use of this word reflects the mentality of the people using it. This shows that these people endemic to my region are accustomed to sycophancy and sticking their noses in every other person’s business. To make my point clear, it is wise to note that these sycophants are very community-minded and can leap into any filth or stinking mess to sort out tussles. Even the women folk do not spare the people who get into tiffs by accident.

These women are so much hell-bent on delivering ‘mob justice’ that they are constantly on the prowl for finding faults in their community full of vulnerable people. The very thinking of these people can make one detest these in the neighborhood. People envious of each other and trying to put others down is the norm here. Get past each other either by hook or by crook seems to be their mantra. Very tantalizing environment here!


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