Shifting Sand Dunes

It is very funny and at the same time amusing to the intellect the way people change over the course of years. People’s priorities during early adolescence are so nubile and after a period of time they get seasoned. After this time, they take a more structured form. The qualities of a rave kind take the form of a behemoth that threatens the very innocence in them. 

All of the qualities which were very harmless coalesce to bring about a very drastic change: a harmless young man who used to leave no stone unturned to remain civilized can become a violent individual and not even a wee bit hesitant to kill or maim people; a person who was not very welcoming and abusive in his words can take a retrograde course, exhibiting a pleasant and benevolent quality later in life; a people who were very backward and supposed to have an unpromising future can become very diligent and promising in later stages. 

Hence, it is very advisable to discern these formed qualities in people of every type you met in your life. You should not be hesitant to learn a lot about them through various sources that are at your disposal. A careful and surreptitious recce can help to gather the needed information about them.

I can relate to this from an incident in my life and a brief account of it follows: I was wanting to make efforts to seek the long lost company of a formerly pleasant individual. This person recently shed all his image of a gentleman and a violent streak could be found in his talks. Without even making an effort to see changes in his demeanor, I put all my fingers in too many a pie and without introspection sent him my residential address and contact details.

Later, after making the call, I realized that this person was very much in the eye of a storm that even uprooted his career prospects. But, it was very late to look back and I had to stick with him for a few years. Fortunately, I shifted to my new house and this headstrong person got out of my life. This was possible only because I did not reveal to him my house address.

Hence it is very essential to be watchful and never entertain lost pals.


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