Trust at Your own Peril

There has been a mention of uncouth and treacherous people in the Bible. The treachery can reach to such an extent that people have a eerie feeling after they encounter these misfits. These people usurp the choicest of treasures by malice and nurse a lot of grudge among their fellowmen who did not aid them during perilous times. Always at their wily best, they look forward to devour valuables of the uninitiated.They imagine themselves to be a heart throb in the community and dream lofty things of sitting atop a huge mound of the heathen’s favorite- money.

A careful look at these people antics can reveal about themselves a lot of things and can help the uninitiated save a dime or two. Once a wad of notes catches a glimpse of their gleaming eyes, it should be noted that the huge bundle of paper has vanished into thin air, the very next moment. Apart from all these traits to look in them as a cautionary measure, a very glaring one is mentioned by the wise men of the biblical times.

This glaring aspect of these treacherous personalities is that they tend to be very shifty with their eyes- always bowing their heads a little and constantly shifting eyes. This very thing is the hallmark of their nature and a cautionary advice related to these crafty people can be found in the book of Proverbs of the Bible. It warns people not to believe in these foxes as they do not keep their promises.

I came across a friend of mine, who mentioned an encounter with this type of crafty individual. An elderly version of this stereotype demanded he be given a sum of money my friend had in his pocket and promised that it will be kept safe. Out of respect for this elder, he entrusted the money to his care. The next day -as expected of his nature- the old hag denied about the whereabouts of the money entrusted to him and even reprimanded my friend of lying.

It is very enlightening to read this holy book that has locked in it a lot of ancient wisdom. Truly, this book is full of warnings and advice about the vagaries of life. All people have to do is be diligent in following the rules and regulations laid out for their perilous journey through life. Adhering to these rules can make one’s journey worthwhile. Life is surely an entrapping facade holding the power to lure many in its net. 


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