Of Winebibbers and Womanizers

One contrasting characteristic that make winebibbers and womanizers different from among the vast population of people destined to the netherworld is their non-cohesiveness when it comes to time. They do not match up to the punctuality of other hell-bound people. 

This means that people cannot expect anything from them and especially those things that are time critical. When you assign them some work thinking that they can be productive or at least satisfactory, they prove this trust wrong. If they promise one of their ability to carry out a responsibility delegated, one can only hope that there be a vanishing act from them lurking in a corner.

Such is the dereliction of duties from these vice-smitten people that one can even expect them to vanish into thin air even at a funeral of their loved one. They can escape from this homage-paying event too for a quick spin in a vehicle with their escort or for a quick peg down their sore throat enough to quench the flaming lust or fetish tormenting them.

When asked about their whereabouts and status of their delegated responsibility, they change colors like the chameleon in order to blend with the surroundings. In most cases, the excuse is provided beforehand so as to convey a false sense of care or affection. The moment you have a vague idea of their business, all hell breaks loose.

The most intriguing aspect of these subjects’ life is that they know they are doomed to perdition. Though they know themselves as being entrapped in the maze which is tantamount to self-inflicting wounds, these can do nothing about it and give out a vehement cry when questioned about it. This sure is a worthless, aimless, pointless, shameless, disdainful, disgraceful existence.

The very mention of these lives can remind one of a dog or a bonded laborer. Both of these cannot disobey their master as they are bound to him. He lords over them only because they are doomed to follow him. There is no way out! 


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