Televised Media: Heights of Belligerence

Nowadays, just a click over the remote to change channels can give one a vague picture of the current scenario prevailing over the globe- news channels are resorting to cheap tactics in the hope of drawing viewers. This base culture -as anyone can guess- is derived from the posse of reality shows doing the rounds on the idiot box. I never imagined this culture to plague a noble profession such as journalism.

The anchor on these shows in a desperate bid to evoke sensationalism among the viewers, takes a definitive stand over the issue being discussed. He tries to leap into arguments in order to elicit a major TRP garnering statement. This statement that can fill in the coffers of these private gossip mongers is expected to come out of the slip of tongue as a vehement reaction. Later the issue is seasoned with sesame, garlic and all other spices to bring out a mouth-watering flavor.

In a bid to be well-off financially, these rumor-mongers overdo it a bit. They put in a tremendous effort to bring out a harried look on their face that ostensibly tries to convey people of being emotionally charged. As their gesticulations and emotions don’t match, it shows that they are not actors. Actors emote because they relate  to the situation in the story. These gutless anchors need to try hard to look sober.

I will not be startled if in a few months, the televised media introduces courses among their staff over how to be better at emoting and thus fabricating. Fabricating has been in their veins since long and faking emotions was the only thing they needed to be sound financially. Are there no better genuine altruistic tactics to be competitive enough? What about striking people’s hearts through quality journalism?

These unscrupulous tactics surely portend calamitous events. If the very people who can ameliorate a nasty and disastrous situation through the powerful medium of television abuse their power, who else can do the needful? At least don’t reveal your pathetic degenerated nature publicly, so that people would still believe in doing good. This shameful upturn of events in the televised media can spread utter discord among people of various backgrounds.

Surely, the world is a stinking place, full of gnats and leeches. Annoying people and sucking their blood is fashion nowadays!


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