Prominent People: A Sublime and Battered Life

The whole world talks about great and prominent people in the society. They crave to fathom what is going on in their minds; the kind of people they meet; information about their life; the sequence of events that led to make them people of grit, determination and steely resolve; the kind of mentors they had or more precisely, the kind of hardships and tribulations they faced to reach the zenith.

I think that there are answers for these questions in my mind as one of the stories have unfolded right in front of my eyes. The answer is that they really have to undergo a lot of hardships and never have to budge. They have it in them to make it to the end of the tunnel and this is the very thing called God’s grace. However innumerable pitfalls, mocking, derision they undergo it does not matter, They have to take it in their stride and move on without complaining.

A lot of these trials melt, mold, purge and refine them to such an extent that the end product or their life at the end of it emerges beautiful and triumphant. There will come a phase in their life wherein they have to decide the ideals they have to stick to all their existence- the ones they find acceptable. These are the very things that shape their future and a look at them asks one whether they were destined to be thus, or their future took its own course.

To themselves, it appears that everything in their life was predestined. They are of this opinion because a look from the future into the past leads one to believe thus. The way everything falls into place regardless of people’s opinions about them or gossip mongers having a go at them for quite some time signals that these vicious people do not have a say over what goes on in their life –or for that sake– in the entire world.

People’s life and everything in this world seems to them is controlled by a puppeteer and no one dares question him. Even if they question his actions, he declines to answer. For the very fact that this entire world is his property, he does not allow trespassers on it and usurp his authority or undermine it.

From his very throne, he has destined such prominent people a slice of paradise on this earth itself. And He has in the course of time allowed them to be posed with a tumultuous phase that wants their ideals and thus, character to take shape. This character renders them competitive and invincible even when they are faced with dog fights or challenges not easy to overcome.

Well, this world is a harsh place and the Maker has equipped these blessed people with everything they need on this journey. The only condition that he reserves them is to exercise discretion regarding vices and never let down less-endowed fellow brethren. The repercussions of these are a damnable and disgraceful life. Everyone is expected to listen to him, no questions asked!

Humility, if entertained, can surely take him places. The problem is that it is very rarely imbued in them or rather, detested by them. Well, every good thing nowadays is rejected.


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