Being Respectable: Secular Community Style

Being respectable in the society and among fellow community members is a very secular word. This is merely an outward gimmick, as you can observe that every person who rallies behind this term in his speech is pretentious. On digging deep into his closet, you are very likely to find a lot of skeletons that can embarrass the person who is privy to these deeds.

He is always bothered about these escapades locked shut in the closet, being discovered. His fear is understood as this prized collection –if uncloaked– can have disastrous consequences- more like a raging tempest. This guilt of self-denial every time the topic surfaces leaves a big scar in his mind: What if people uncover it? When is the best time to reveal this secret to loved ones, so that no one finds it hard to accept? What if the blow of the revelation is severe? How long will people curse me?

While this person tries every trick in the book to cloak his deeds, there is nothing in his hands to work through escaping the insults from the revelation. He always bears in mind that truth has to surface no matter what. This cloaked respectability is a very rampant persona in the society and can bog down even very clever minds as to how to deal with its side-effects such as these.

Imagine, what answer they would give to their children and grandchildren because it is very evident that these little ones hold these ‘respectable’ people in high esteem. Once they get a whiff of their elder’s escapades and wrongdoings, they surely bring the issue to the fore at the hope of getting rid of ‘misconceptions’. Finding them true, they lose respect for these people.

Later, being in the same frail canoe like their forefathers, these young ones get a taste of the ‘real’ world that beckons. After being neck-deep in filth, they realize the ‘harsh reality’ of the present world. This is an artificial issue and the very same man is responsible for boiling it down to this sleaziness because of the choices he made. His life has lost the flavor due to the absence of piety.

Piety was the lone ingredient purported to be in this world. Without it, the world is a barren and arid wasteland like these ignominious people’s lives. Never detest it!


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