‘Uneducated’ Professionals

Pride is a sickly feeling

I detest people and their views who take great pride in their degrees. They constantly sneer at less-endowed people. The scathing remarks they pass at the less-educated –these people perceive them to be– are very hypocritical. These revilers are completely wrong about their assumptions.

People being educated does not mean only the ones conferred with degrees. Educated simply means well-informed people who derive a great amount of knowledge from a wide assortment of books too. Irrespective of this, most of the legends did not have degrees and were from a humble background. People even now, take a cue from them when attempting to pursue their profession.

  • Jimi Hendrix puts to rest all the assumptions of these lower rung professionals who take a dig at other people. He never learnt guitar from a school and did not even complete formal education. Great performers like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton admired his works. Needless to say, these admirers were not any Tom, Dick and Harry from across the street.
  • Bill Gates never completed his degree at Harvard and came up with software in partnership with various other people, ‘prematurely’. We know that every kid in the neighborhood wants to be like him.
  • Coco Chanel was never ascribed to a designer course and started her career as a seamstress. She had an innate talent for fashion designing. Such is the fanfare for her career in glitz that a multitude of people flock to her Paris apartment as a sort of pilgrimage.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer and a great strategist. He put to shame many people in the race to the presidency because of his ‘uneducated’ background. They never thought that he would ‘earn the spot’.

Thus, degrees don’t make a person and everyone has to keep on learning and simultaneously proving their mettle throughout their lifetime. I hope the naysayers catch a whiff of this and be disillusioned.


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