Gender Differences: Bolstered to Their Own Ground

I would always come across harried opinions about women in leadership positions. This made me think to do my own research, as no one can live in the dark forever and have got to test their own beliefs, always. Though, it is a fact that there is a lone woman among 20 top-management positions in high-profile Fortune 500 corporations, let us look at various facets of workplaces they are known to fit into.

  • Women are known to fit into organizations that require mentoring and participation like in elementary schools; other workplaces fit for them are the ones that require warmth, caring and affection such as nursing. Their skills can be put to good use to motivate employees and be creative in their endeavor in other fields too.
  • They do not fit into roles that require ‘command and control’ style. This style is very clearly seen in organizations such as military, law enforcing agencies and others. Organizations that are anathema to insubordination rarely do fit the bill for them. It is no wonder that the military establishment in India was hesitant to recruit them initially.

It should be noted that men do not fit into women’s bastion such as elementary schools that require mentoring and nurturing, while the latter are not preferred for military and law enforcing agencies. This is to be taken generally, as there are known to be exceptions too. But, these exceptions are very rare.


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