Parting Gifts?

Whenever a man who has a lot of property under his name dies, people all over the community transcend boundaries, limitations and even shun taboo to pay their last respects. They praise him among themselves about his stature in society and lavish endless eulogies that he is never expected to hear. And after a few days of mourning in ‘words’, remember him in their endless soirees or tea parties.

After this ostentatious remembrance, they debate among themselves hypocritically about his principles, ideals and morals towards the community- the whole package he left for their generation. This is not to mention that their life itself is not anywhere close to this departed person’s values. And this is only what the persons known to him as acquaintances think. One can only get bewildered as to what the people close to him as a loved one, rant.

His loved ones do not pass scathing remarks about his values and principles, but embrace the greater good of their own family. They find it hard to come to terms with the departed person’s love for them that he left in the form of immovable property, jewelry, cash and other treasures. According to them, the wealth a person leaves to his heirs is a direct measure of his unfathomable love towards them.

And once the dead person is rightly ascribed to their measure of love, they extol him and venerate him at every nook and corner in their house. So, remember, what you leave for a person is very important than your words. If the treasure left is hard cash, then everybody is pleased. They may shake their head in abeyance at the mention of your death -as to how it comes- in the conversation, but it is not always so.

So, remember loved ones during your death and leave a mound of cash, along with other frivolities that you can’t carry! Never let your legacy crumble or it may curse you even after death.


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