The Elite: Etched in Roleplay

The movies doing the rounds in the multiplexes seem to be obsessed with an ‘elite’ bunch of people. Upon observing very closely, one can notice that people who have the glamour or vivaciousness quotient are being immortalized.

These are techies armed to the teeth with coding and related skills; athletes who have proven their mettle through sheer grit; chauffeurs who have created a legacy; spies involved in clandestine operations; gangsters who have bred hostility and hatred ignominiously; mythological characters that have been known to outwit armies and responsible for their debacle; epic novels that have struck the right chord with a large audience, but mostly controversial and outlandish.

While all of the stories and characters listed above are acceptable, their roles are a bit outdid or overdone. A few moments are added to sensationalize the movie that do not match up with the annals of history. This is quite a non-defined trajectory to these movie people and regardless of the accuracy of the piece of art, they want to rake in huge profits.

While the elite seem to have been immortalized in the film, this is rarely the true story behind the screens. Actually, this ‘elite’ have been misquoted, scandalized, victimized rather than being scoured and this is an apparent reality. The ones that are vilified seem to be the very ones that do not stand a chance to file a lawsuit: the departed and incapable.

This policy of the filmmakers is purely professional and undeniably effective- I mean, who cares for a lame or crippled man. They are oppressed and suppressed by a lot of methods. Thus, pure professionals are those who exploit circumstances and manipulate people- the very notion among the laity. Savor the ‘good’ fruits!


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