Fatal Attraction

Money is the root cause of all evil- Gandhi, Pope Francis

People say that money talks and they idolize it. Money attaches authority to it, but is dumb like any other lifeless thing. Idolizing it and making it the center of your life can have far-reaching repercussions on the peace and tranquility in surroundings. A mere mention of a rich man’s fortune can bring about quarrels among the prospective heirs and being bereft of their ‘share’ can lead to full-blooded brawls.

Loathing for this ‘mother of all causes’ brings with it a lot of unnecessary vices that are interdependent. Being mired in a truckload of these vices can make you a bonded labor to it.

When you make money the center of your life, it dictates your mind to loathe for every ephemeral pleasure in the world. Just a thought of a vile deed and all it takes is a wad of notes to make the dream come true. The world seems to be at your fingertips, but these passions and treasures do not count a great deal. It makes your life all the more complicated and enslaved to this parasite in question.

Don’t be a slave of money. Exercise caution of its vile nature. Pay heed to the two wise men above.


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