Outside People’s Ambit

Nobody in this world has a say over your life

When I look at a life, it can be seen that every detractor has been proved wrong. He has transcended all barriers and is expected to do more in the coming months. The fact that everybody was pointing out to him regarding the employers favoring people with no ‘wasted years’ or a large interval between consecutive jobs was truly amusing. He didn’t believe them all along and was confident about God storing him riches ahead in time.

Many uneducated people with ‘degrees’ were constantly deriding him. Once he debunked their myths, everyone was seen scurrying for cover. To salvage some pride regarding their previous statements, they were nitpicking his lifestyle to find tell tale signs of ambiguity in his transition. Never to sniff out a rodent, they settled in their chairs and went about their life of mediocrity.

This beautiful life in that he constantly rose up high to meet challenges and restrained people’s vile actions towards his path to prominence through sheer grit, made his detractors pale-faced. Slowly, people having ruled out the possibility of competing with him, joined hands to be mutually benefited. All the disgraced mediocre people bowed down to his status in society and accepted that they were dimwits with mediocre lives.

This shows that no matter how hard people try to bring down a person and his reputation, they have no control over his life. The whole world is in God’s control and nobody can undermine his authority. So, it is wise for the vile and vicious to repent and come to his fold. It doesn’t take long for him to clear garbage and filth on his property. So, don’t spread stink on his property! 


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