Degree-related Haughtiness

‘Degrees’ are nothing to be boastful of. Upon close observation of this phenomenon wherein people totally change after being conferred a degree, you may notice that it is actually ignorance on their part to do so. But, it should be noted that some prestigious universities do not fit in this thought, as they have bred intellectuals in their confines. A few ‘degrees’ are not education, but an intellectual understanding of the world around them can be called so.

Intellectuals are highly educated, according to me. Hence a rudimentary understanding of their surroundings cannot make people with ‘degrees’ important. I have seen very educated people and ‘degree’ actually means the degree to which people are educated. So, people bragging about degrees is just funny. Let us take a deeper look into other aspects of a ‘degree’.

Degrees are just another misconstrued word for specialization. As you see that the more degrees that a person is conferred in his life time –from graduation to post graduation and beyond– the ‘education’ or area of expertise is actually getting narrower and narrower. This makes the very concept of haughtiness about degrees all the more laughable.

For example, take a person whose expertise is medicine. His area of specialization is actually the general medicine and then post graduation deals with a narrower branch of it. This means that he does not know deeper things about other related branches. So, where is the master-of-all-medicine theory applicable. This may be different in different regions, but let’s get a bigger picture.

The person referred to here is ‘educated’ in medicine. What about the overall education that he is touted to wield his power on? He surely lags behind in many other fields: literary skills- especially writing and not necessarily communication; historical knowledge about everything under the sun and a host of other fields.

The right word to address degrees among commoners is SPECIALIZATION. This does not include and encompass the whole education. A person can never be called wholly educated by relying on degrees- they are very few to encompass education as a whole. So, degrees, according to me are meaningless if are attempted to convey education or used instead of it.

Strive to be an intellectual and not ‘educated’. Intellectuals, surely do know more.


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