The Pedagogy Imbued Within Irate People

Many people can witness in a lot of the educated folk the traces of their alma mater. No matter what they do to let go of this fiesty self of theirs, these actions won’t bear fruit. Many elderly people have wrestled with their behavior so that they may have a tab on it, but in vain. People have put a fire in their belly through inspiration, or rather, mere deliberate aggression and ill will through ill-intentioned pedagogies. These are hot enough to brand their skin with permanent scars.

These scars are formed because of the very incorrigible nature of the wound. The victims are happy that the wound has formed a scab over it at last and even the scars do not bother them. But these scars do affect their life throughout by untold means. The aggression never leaves them at peace and sadistically torments them throughout, as they leap into squabbles and controversies.

Endlessly under a wrong impression that every question asked is done in a bid to corner them, they approach it with a lot of aggression. Their irate selves seldom do realize that they were victimized into being this way. Once they break their way into an heated exchange of words, no amount of cajoling can help them to ease up a bit and let out some steam, for their thinking itself is the culprit.

Always on the brink of losing out on having a tab on their temper, they remain unsuccessful to tame it throughout their life. Along with their alma mater that caters to hoodlums, music can also play a great part in shaping up these men’s aggressive character. Their whole life stands out as an example for people regarding what not to do.

Their goal they traverse to, actually leads to self-destruction. Forfeit everything because of a destructive pedagogy. Every person they meet greet them with raised eyebrows! 


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