Atheism Debunked

We have seen that science is not yet there in proving about the supernatural and other mysteries, so totally incapable of probing God. Let’s take a look here at evolution- Is it sane? Evolutionists come to a total standstill at the mere mention of a ‘first cause’ for the world to come into existence. The very first cause is pivotal and a stumbling block to the evolution theory. I mean, how did the very first thing ‘evolve’ or rather come into existence?

Was the first cause God?

Let’s see the attributes of God that fit in this ‘first cause’ argument:

  1. As we can see that nothing in this world is capable to create anything out of nothing, only God fits the bill. In the Bible, God says that He created the earth out of nothing.
  2. God is ‘touted’ to have no beginning and not under the purview of time in the Bible.
  3. Before the creation of the universe, earth and everything in it, there existed a complete void. God is known to exist outside the ambit of space or in vacuum too.

    Hence, he completely fills in the gaps.

What is the evidence for the existence of God?

For evidence regarding the existence of God, it is good to take a look at his supernatural works in the Bible and then see if they exist now.

  1. Lot’s wife, who defied orders from the angels that visited her in genesis to not to look back was turned into a pillar of salt. The pillar exists even to this day on Mount Sodom. It is the exact location she was when trying to escape the destruction of Sodom and on the mount, turned into a pillar of salt.
  2. The chariots and armaments of the Egyptian military can be found in buried in the Dead sea. The Lord had granted Moses and Israelites a safe passage through the separated walls of Red sea.
  3. A lot of the kings’ and Israel’s history in books can be used as a corroborative evidence for the dates in the Bible and other supernatural events- Jacob’s well, rubble from the destruction of Shiloh and much more.


These are some random facts that prove the existence of God and the veracity of Bible. The evolution theory does not hold water in the ‘cosmological argument’ mentioned above. Hence, I think atheism is debunked.’s_wife


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