The Aping Fad

People in my region rely endlessly on aping the west and consider the goods imported from there as a status symbol. Such is the mad frenzy that even people from the unskilled sector splurge indiscriminately on them. These select group of people are privy to this mooring even though the pittance earned by them does not match this standard of living. These wannabe gangsters make it a point to at least buy these ‘high quality’ western goods even amid a severe stranglehold on resources.

I don’t have anything on these goods being western, but I always resent this low cadre people’s nerve to splurge. Though being in dire straits financially, the thought of them ending in the streets does not haunt them. I think the reason behind this anomaly in spending with regard to the goods is idolizing everything western.

Westerners can make a quick buck here. The term ‘west’ in itself is like a brand in this region.

An analogy

These less-privileged people are always on the lookout for the products rejected in the quality testing department in factories. Even though these goods are rejected, the price still is sky-high for these underprivileged. They seem to be unaware of the fact that the same goods can be procured from the brands of their nationality at an even better quality. I say this because the products’ tag price is equivalent to that of the local national brand’s being studded with pure quality silver.

I mean, who wants to prefer a shoe made out of conventional materials to that of a silver-studded one.

The buyer’s mindset

This spendthrift –it may seem– is crazy, but the truth is that he is always loathing for company of prominent people and those endowed with subliminal skills. One can understand in him the fiery passion of imitating people in the west by the fact that he prefers to wear tuxedo and premium suits in a tropical climate. He may even bathe in the sweat underneath, but can never let go of his attire- even for all the goodies in the world.

The repercussions

If the person’s family has prepubescent kids that end up burning a big gaping hole in his pocket, he cannot even afford a car ride. This is because elementary schooling or even basic high schooling is a luxury that many can’t afford here and have to make ends meet to realize this dream.

This is a basic trait of villainous individuals who –at the end– resort to shady and criminal activities to aid and complement their passion for remaining opulent. I won’t be surprised even if this sick person falls victim to nefarious activities.


The aping fad surely can land victims who are protegees of an icon behind bars. Nonetheless, the apes never give up their antics. And they should not, because these efforts are in vain. One can say that their efforts are ‘too little and too late’. A good epitaph on their tombstone can deter many followers of these people. It can go on these lines, ‘Never cede your inhibitions, lest you may end up like him.’


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