Mystics’ Lives Deciphered

Contrary to popular notions among the laity, the saints were not exactly as portrayed in their biographies. Their life had other very intricate details, often ignored by these writers. I don’t know whether these biographers were honest or deliberate in their intentions to misquote, but their mistakes are quite glaring. Though well-researched by the biographers, the jigsaw puzzle about these mystics’ life does not fit into exactly.

This is because they did not relate their lives closely to present day prospective saints. It is very much essential in writing.

Intricate details

Let’s look into their lives minutely- often, the minutiae is ignored. Here are some popular contradictions too.

  1. St. Francis Xavier started his foray into the ethereal bliss of spirituality in a cave at the age of 29. I can surmise that he too was afflicted by the same illness till this changing point in life, where he started his university education. St. Ignatius Loyola too attended university at the same time.
  2. Many of the saints were babied throughout much of their lifetime, because of their innocence to certain evils in everyday life. They were in the dark regarding these secret businesses of common people. This contradicts biographers that St. Therese was babied by her sisters since the death of her parent.
  3. The intellectual saints like St. Edith Stein knew that their life events were very much similar to others. No contemporaries could outwit her throughout the lifetime she was blessed with.


The many life events throughout these mystics’ existence on this earth were actually handpicked by God. They pleased him throughout and hence short lives were assigned to a majority of them. Later they entered glory to be with him forever. The reason behind their similar lives is Jesus revealing to St. Teresa Avila that ‘He treats all his friends the same way’. She is stated to have replied, ‘That’s why, you have so very few of them’. This was said to mean with a bit of humor, though.



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