The Clarion Call

There seems to people a reason behind every happening in the world. But it is not so. There are different underlying causes masked in reason that aim to mislead people regarding their vile nature. No one is aware of the insidious nature of this evil. A more in-depth look at the nature of the reason can send shivers down anybody’s spine. This bone-chilling feeling is rather able to shake people off their reverie with its very mention.

These forces behind the scenes are evil in nature and govern all the promiscuous happenings around the world towards a sinister design. People relate to the visible world as to the definitive reason behind these happenings. The reasons are actually perpetrated by a malevolent and an irrational cause that was behind the curtains all along.


“It was an urge. … A strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people — risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn’t take because they could lead to arrest.”- Edmund Kemper

Let’s take a look at various crimes ill-construed by societies and what really is lurking in the shadows.

  1. We can see that many sensational murders were actually diabolical in nature and the very psychological analysis of the accused reveals a devious nature. Some murderers are known to have very unusual appetites, cravings and other bizarre fetishes like uncontrollable hunger every half an hour. Their craving for murder is very strong and it does not take long for anyone to infer that it is a very devilish urge. It is devilish in the sense that they are willing to take unimaginable risks to satiate this desire, even their imminent death.
  2. Suicide victims are known to hear voices in their heads convincing them of committing it. Some even feel dejected in life and it seems to them that there is no way out. These victims are never known to be weak in their lives regarding decisions they make as many perceive. Such are the lame reasons why people end their lives that makes one think they are deceived by an external cause. They may never have attempted it before, but do it after the first attempt, repeatedly.
  3. Everybody in the world seems to do what is right, but the world is never at peace. Why do divisions and dissensions crop up within people in families? Everybody knows that these couples are very good human beings and won’t hurt anyone,not even a fly. Even couples touted to be a perfect pair through horoscopes; the husband having a good sense of humor; both from respectable family backgrounds; seem to have adhered to every cautionary rule in the book prior to their betrothal, fall prey to marital discord.
  4. For the criminal, everything at hand is led to two choices- life and death. Thinking in the extremes at every crossroads is a sure way to be a slave to passions and everyone is right in expecting a show every now and then from them. Retribution to every petty action, often clouds their head. Needless to say, the justice is rendered by probing extremities, or more precisely, death. They fight to kill and are jettisoned on their way to destruction.


All these reasons point to the very obvious thing that something is rallying behind them to lead such people to perdition. People are surely buffooned into falling prey to these devious designs. Every effort of theirs towards peace is negated with. This impugnation thwarted is a clear sign of a higher power fiddling with the control mechanism.




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