The Undeniable Truth

Well-to-do people in the neighborhood seem to be obsessed with keeping a distance from their less-privileged counterparts. The latter type of people are sneered at and their very presence unnoticed. This is very evident from the fact that the less-endowed ones are thought to be nagging in their ears and often thought to be parasitic in dealings with them.

The reasons

There are obvious reasons –I believe– as to the cause for the sneering, mocking and revulsion. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. They, if befriended, pester them for a lot of goodies that never seem to be available for these less-endowed. Every trick in the book is tried by them to siphon-off funds from the privileged ones. One of the common type of siphoning is relating every talk –no matter, however irrelevant it may be– to gifts, money and other valuables that other well-to-do people lavish on them. Thus, they want to extort money from these individuals by unethical means.
  2. Often, the rich people are blamed for not being helpful during dire situations to these nobodies. They expect them to be of constant help, as if the whole gloomy situations these people are in is because of them. This resentment grows until their gloomy phase passes. This blame itself is a classic case of absurdity. Splurge lavishly on your own fancy needs and passions, then put the blame on others. A classic case of escapism.
  3. Every move towards extorting money from them is spurred by a deep jealousy within. The ‘hook or by crook’ argument falls on deaf ears and their blood curdles for the pathetic state they are in.


All these reasons are obvious enough for the detestation towards the lowly people. Now, tell me who is on the wrong side and what would any sober-minded individual have done. People should introspect as to why they are in such a wretched state and stop blaming unconcerned individuals. Ask in humility and no one will refuse. 


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