Polishing Intuition: Closet Exposed

Many travelers and people who like to be on the move can avoid being in a stalemate regarding certain unexpected situations involving people in uncharted regions. This is bound to happen as the world has become a small place due to globalization and people left in the lurch because of dry opportunities, turn it on these victims. Many ruffians and uncouth people who leave bitter memories in these travelers’ minds could be dealt with a bit of intuition and a keen foresight beforehand.

Let’s look at what these signs are that give one a feel of a region’s inhospitable and unwelcoming culture or attitude.

  1. Barricades Arenas that are known to cater to large events from jubilation to sports and way beyond to funerals, are barricaded and cordoned off by security. These fortified arenas are a clear sign of the people in the region being uncivilized and hot-headed. The unruly attitude is clearly evident and if one has been a part of this activity, the lack of decorum need not be told. People jeering at each other in such events can put one off. Hence, a clear sign.
  2. Traffic sense The lack of traffic sense wherein people traverse through paths that are not designed for locomotives and tempers seen flaring among the motorists is yet  another sign. In some countries where people are known to possess civic sense, the lack of traffic monitoring systems in place does not give way to accidents and other tragedies. Hence, another sign to observe.
  3. Queue culture The absence of queue culture in which people form these to avail speedy and best services like utilities can qualify as another sign. An uninitiated person who gets mired in these places of utter chaos can forever dread even at the thought of running errands for his family- this is the state of the common man in such regions. Hence, another unavoidable sign to look out for.


Tourists landing at the terminus unprepared can be bogged down by a myriad of difficulties. Ignorant people are often the ones victimized indiscriminately. Hence, watch for these glaring signs whenever you’re under direct attack from a classic case of wandering feet. People such as these are very common in tourist destinations. Avoid and be informed of such tourist hotspots. 


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