Unanswered Prayers?

People all over the world blame God endlessly for not being helpful in dire situations and ignoring their repeated pleas. They are of the opinion that God being omnipotent, he never extends a helping hand to battered souls. While this is true that He is capable of ending people’s endless sufferings, there is a more interesting side to why he rejects their prayers. Let’s take a look.

God is defined as a father and we, his subjects, are his children. Now, taking this analogy further, it becomes very obvious as to why He rejects prayers of the multitudes beseeching him.

Everybody on this earth with questions regarding unanswered prayers, are known not to follow His commands. God, as every father here on earth, after looking at their hearts, finds that the children seeking Him in prayers are unruly. Every father –regardless of his virtues– never gives his children hard cash or other valuables, if he finds his children just a tad unruly or undisciplined or don’t obey Him. He thinks that his children will be spoiled.

This is the very same thing that God, our Father in heaven, feels about us. He never gives any valued thing or other requests that He feels have an inherent potential of being adverse to His children. The only condition that He requires His children to adhere to is fully obeying the commands given by Him. And if, and only if, His children obey Him fully, he won’t refuse them any good thing- no questions asked. This could be seen in the life of saints because they perfectly pleased Him.

So, please God by obeying all His commands and surely he won’t refuse anything. I guarantee you!


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