Inherent Evil

Every person in this world is aware of a diabolical side to him. It constantly talks to him in urges that coaxes him to explore this dark side. While constantly making an effort not to yield to some that are collectively considered taboo in his culture, he succumbs to other really ‘harmless’ ones. But, there are bound to be many misfits with not even an ounce of integrity in every culture- one can see people mimicking their outlandish idols and their base fantasies.

While constantly taming the wild side of their own selves, people let go of it sometimes whenever there is no coercive force in place. This can be seen in riots and other violent uproars that are stirred because of hatred. A large majority of people who rummage through the belongings of many shopping centers reduced to rubble are opportunists.

These opportunists take undue advantage of the chaos prevailing by making a fast buck.

You can see people unleashing their dark side in these places where there are no chances of being apprehended. These fiends and imps are often known to be gentle at heart, but a true test of such a quality can only be done amid utter chaos- accountability is absent here. This dark side is the product of an absolute monarch who is never known to forego the vile nature- a sustaining source of evil.

People follow everything evil, but are hesitant to admit it. It just takes a nudge such as utter chaos to bring the best out of them. Be careful in discerning them from the lot!



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