Is Favor Returnable?

Nobody in this world owes a favor to anybody. The favor is transformed into a lot of immeasurable qualities. The best example of an immeasurable quality is the unnoticed-but-effective prayers. No one knows the hearty prayers a person has offered for the benevolent giver as a token of appreciation. And this very prayer translates into material and spiritual blessings. The best part of this is that the action goes unnoticed- nobody knows the source of the blessing he becomes privy to.

People bragging about being helpful, makes no sense. Their flawed perception is because of the very fact that they define and attach a value to every material thing owed. This makes sense to say that more is the value attached to a material lent, more is the gratitude expected.

An interesting aspect of this argument is that only materialistic people expect gratitude or a returned favor. This begging and bragging attitude is actually a test of probing materialistic people.

There are many things in this world that do not come under the tag of value and this stupidity of acting big and mentioning the favor in talks is nonsensical. A lack of true education, shanty culture and warped thinking can lead to this ‘less-endowed’ individual being dubbed a picaninny of sorts.

A few of the things that cannot be valued are prayer, affection, blessing, love, warmth, godly peace, grace- the list goes on and on.


Thus, people who talk in ‘favor’ language is the very first sign of lack of intellect to me and a very bad impression. Such people with a lot of carnality imbued in their mind make me sick in my gut. This is not real education in that they do not understand such a simple thing. The world is full of ‘educated mean’ people. Break free from your reverie- you never know, the favor may have been returned at a subtler level.


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