Dubious Fanfare

Television has become a great tool to convey people false messages regarding affiliations. This mess of information that enjoys epic followers is because of an unending appetite for the sole purpose of raking in huge profits. This clumsiness is vivid to some onlookers who have a keen eye for discerning people’s intentions and pitchings.

One can see in the reality shows that these dubious affiliations are a way to promote outlandish ideas and plots within the dramas- more the loss quotient in it, more the aggression noticed. Sometimes the aggressive promotion is so intense that clear signs can be seen by the gullible too of the shows being on the verge of extinction.

Later, to avoid the extinction, more and more capital is infused and other unearthly practices are devised to retain viewership. One of these methods is linking many popular television dramas with the ailing show- in a way, bastardizing the theme of the parent show.

Sick and ailing people are discarded even by organizations that view them as productive and efficient. This makes the practice an alien one. A glaring message conveyed through this practice is that shows are important and not the people behind it. Hunting people, ditching them and treating them as dirt is right, but never give up the show- a very self-centered strategy. Always know where the money is.


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