Rented Kinsmen

People nowadays are increasingly besotted with frauds in the garb of a lovable man. These cheats have an ulterior motive for being in the company of the gullible victim. This ulterior motive is always related to the monetary side. As people grow more and more wealthier, such parasitic people enter their lives.

The parasitic nature of the masked personality is understood very late in the victim’s life and by this time, the fraud has done a lot of damage. The victim regrets the delusion he was privy to in the course of his life and feels the wealth –being siphoned off– could have been put to better use.

It is very evident from this fact that the person does not feel the bond a kinsman would experience towards the victim. The person defrauded comes to know the very nature of these rented kinsmen at a later part of his life. This could be at the onset of his life as a retired employee –if he’s a salaried person– or when his business suffers huge irrevocable losses.

Needless to say, the person or family defrauding such people are bent upon gathering wealth by hook or by crook. They think that it is the mode of survival for anyone on God’s beautiful earth. This is actually shanty culture and distant relatives are the ones targeted.

An analogy

I knew a person who cheated an elderly man in the guise of a nephew to the tune of millions. He was a rented nephew and his roots could be traced to the victim’s distant bloodline- like a kind of ancillary tie. This elder fell prey to the increasingly squeamish nature of the fraudster and believed him in everything- a sugar daddy to him.

After introducing himself to everyone as his nephew, he escaped with the loot- never to return again. This awakened an eerie feeling in the elder, whenever a person makes advances towards a friendship.


It is not wise to trust people who are not in your immediate bloodline. This makes the real blood-related people in your family alien to you and can create a crisis of faith. The breach of trust can have tantalizing effects on your persona too. So, don’t hire family members. No one is found to be a genuine and caring person like your own kinsmen. 


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