Humility: Conducive to Success?

Many people in this world seem to predict the future or success of an individual based on his attitude. They say attitude is the very thing that takes people places.

The right attitude is a never-give-up one to some, but this is very far from the truth. A person with this attitude constantly betters himself at his game and devises new strategies that have the potential to take him places. While this type of approach can ensure him a top place in the cut-throat competition prevalent in this world, it does not necessarily cement his place throughout the illustrious career he is privy to. Another important ingredient to a savourable success is never entertained, while giving undue importance to this dogged perseverance.

This, often ignored aspect is humility in a person’s actions. The more humble a person is, the more respect he commands. As he uses this approach in his life’s events, the reach of his respect expands even more. He gains favor among his superiors and onlookers. No virtue is as sweet as humility. Every hardened heart melts at a humble person’s action.


The problem with a never-give-up attitude and a rebellious outlook is that there result many a frayed nerves because of this and a kind of hostility is bred among the peers. This unhealthy competition is not a very good sign and is a thing not necessary in one’s career.

Humility compounded with this never-give-up attitude is a sure thing helping in one’s career and ensures a longer stay in the limelight. This can be seen in many humble sportspersons’ and celebrity’s life. This virtue absolves a lot of hegemony and resentment cropping up in the enemies too. What’s more needed in life?


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