Incohesive Religions: A Sober Cause

Atheists oppose religions because they are not tolerant to each other. The reason that these followers of religions don’t mingle with each other is actually God being jealous of his subjects. Though the rift is very wide, a sober religious man does not look down upon other religions. All religious people are supposed to cohabit peacefully with other followers and noble souls of other religions have God’s company guaranteed.

Relationship between God and followers

Let’s take a deeper look into why there is such a great division and what is the reaction to be called for.

The relationship between God and his people is spousal, meaning that God and his subjects are compared to the bond between spouses. Taking this analogy further, a spouse is not supposed to have conjugal union with others- in other words, harlotry. This is a basic part of the holy matrimony and is taken very seriously. If this rule is broken, anyone contravening is not taken lightly and the couple can sever ties with each other.

God created matrimony just to convey people about the jealousy He feels, when people rally behind other Gods. 


Thus, all Gods are not one and this thought can forebode divine wrath. As a Christian, one is called to be faithful to God and not indulge in worshiping other Gods. This lays to rest doubts among atheists about Christians not following other religions. Worshiping is clearly forbidden, but Christians are called to be tolerant of other religions and not despise the people involved.


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