Sentimentalism Nightmare

Everywhere people rant about sentimentalists driving them mad so much that they have an eerie feeling towards them. To understand about this part of the philosophy, one doesn’t need to run to some outlandish place reeling with criminals, but all it takes is just a peek into their own life’s incidents.

One can notice that their own folk from the extended family stand as an example to this type of people. They are sure to have encountered such people in the family where the son or daughter is a staunch supporter of his matriarch. This feeling of him towards her does not change even though she is utterly wrong, uncouth, disdainful, haughty and full of malicious intent in causing harm to a person’s reputation.

Her brood strongly stands by her rather than admonishing or rebuking her vile nature. They publicly don’t reveal this supportive nature towards her but cloak their actions by expressing dissent. Another tactic they use is to completely avoid public gatherings where there is always a possibility of this decoy exposed or their ‘criminal’ exposed and insulted or meeting their victims.


Such outright sentimentalism is distasteful and a common thing among families. Every person in this world can be thought to have been a part of such a moral fiasco. Degrading values and plummeting ethics can be seen in this high-pitched drama throughout.


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